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Dear visitors of web-site!
We continue to publish Your questions to akim of city Almaty and answers for them.

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Other 24.08.2015 Asel

Hello, currently there is an information shared online that Almaty zoo doesn't have snow leopards anymore. Can you comment if this information is correct and what happened with the animals given by France and Kyrgyzstan to the zoo? Thank you.


Dear Assel Syzdykova, Having reviewed your letter dated 24.08.2015, which was received on the website of Akim's administration of Medeu district of Almaty, we advise as follows: According to the information provided by Almaty Zoo the snow leopards died because of their old age. During their life they were under the veterinarian’s supervision. Reports on all losses and birth in Almaty Zoo are submitted to the Department of Culture of Almaty city and the international organizations where they are registered as members. At the moment Almaty zoo is considering possibility of reconstruction of the aviary and conservation of snow leopards population.

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